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What do you know about Chinese women? There is a stereotype that they are submissive, petite, and tender; but this doesn’t actually match the reality. However, if you want to know real women from China, you should take a look at this guide. We are here to tell you everything you need to know before starting your online dating activity!

Qualities of Chinese mail order brides

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Before actually dating and communicating with a girl from this country, it would be very useful to learn a few facts about your potential wife. This section contains information gathered by our team of online dating enthusiasts who have great experience in mail order bride services.

Rational approach to most of things and activities in life

Girls from China are rather practical and down-to-earth. It is quite rare to find a woman from China who eagerly wants to splurge on clothes, makeup, and other items. You can expect a girl from this country to be rather unspoiled and even not interested in receiving gifts at first. Such practical behavior can make a Western man think that his date does not enjoy his presents. However, your date is just not used to spending money on presents.

Women from China look awesome at any age

What makes women from this country so popular is the fact that a Chinese woman looks stunningly in her 20s, 30s, 50s, and even 70s! It seems that ladies from China know the secret of keeping everlasting beauty and youth without doing anything, while women all over the world have expensive plastic surgeries and spend thousands of dollars on cosmetics to get rid of wrinkles.

They may have problems with expressing themselves

Chinese mail order brides are not exactly expressive. It can be rather difficult for them to demonstrate affection online. You just need to be patient and wait for your lady to gain trust and be comfortable with you. Another issue that you may face is the language barrier. A lot of Chinese women speak decent English, although some of them may face challenges while trying to write a message. By all means, do not get angry and just try to understand what your bride tries to tell you.

What qualities do Chinese mail order wives expect to find in American men?

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Now that you know a few things about Chinese brides, it is high time to learn what they seek in foreign relationships. Here is a list of qualities that are important for women from China:

  • Honest. First of all, a man should be honest in his intentions and actions. He should be responsible for what he says and does. It is impossible to build a relationship with a Chinese bride if you are not fully honest.
  • Funny. A sense of humor is what makes a good relationship great. Girls from China, especially young ones, seek a man who can make them laugh. A decent sense of humor is one of the essential factors for Chinese mail order brides. In this sense, Asian women differ from UK mail order brides, as the latter have that special British sarcastic humor you may have to get used to.
  • Successful. You do not need to be a millionaire to build a family with a Chinese bride. However, you should be able to take care of her and her family.
  • Emotionally available. Even though Chinese brides can look rather distant and cold at first, they need a man who is emotionally available because deep inside of their soul there is a tender personality who needs love and care.
  • Respectful and kind. A woman from China expects her boyfriend and husband to know how to be a gentleman. Any disrespect, offense, or humility can end up in a break-up.

Why do Chinese brides seek foreign relationships?

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There may be different reasons for ladies from this country to use online dating services. A lot of them do not want to live in China and expect life in a Western country to be more successful and enjoyable. Others are just eager to gain new experiences and try something different. A lot of girls get divorced with Chinese men and seek a new beginning with a foreigner – and according to the number of international marriages with brides from this country, such beginnings are more than successful!

Famous Chinese women

Famous Chinese women

If you want to see how beautiful and talented Chinese ladies can be, just take a look at this list of celebrities from China!

  • Fan Bingbing – one of the most famous female Chinese actresses. For many years, she has been considered one of the most beautiful women in China.
  • Tao Huina – another beautiful Chinese actress that is also known as “Queen” of the army as she has participated in numerous concerts dedicated to supporting Chinese soldiers.
  • Sun Li (Betty Sun) – a famous singer, actress, and dancer, Betty Sun has been considered the hottest female star in China.
  • Zhang Yu Xi – a young model and actress. She defines all the beauty standards in China and personifies what millions of women from this country want to look like.


Beauty, loyalty, passion, and devotion – these things await you within the online dating world of Chinese mail order brides. If you want to have a person with whom you can spend the rest of your life, girls from China will help you find what you need.